82: Discovering the SIBO Solution with Sylvie McCracken

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Discovering the SIBO Solution with Sylvie McCracken

Too many of us have been there. Something’s off with our health, and it stinks! (Pun intended.) Gas, bloating, constipation, diarrhea, you name it … we strive for a healthier lifestyle but still struggle with these unpleasant symptoms.

Enter Sylvie McCracken, wellness guru, entrepreneur, and gut health expert. She just might have the solution … the SIBO solution … to what’s ailing you.

What Is SIBO?

Don’t let the short name fool you. SIBO represents a pretty big problem.

Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth, or “SIBO” is a bacterial infection of the small intestine (it actually becomes infected with bacteria that belongs in the large intestine). It’s a hidden trigger for many major gut problems like IBS, Crohn’s, or autoimmune disease. Many people struggle from this condition without realizing it and it is one of the tougher conditions to get under control.

We know this firsthand. I’ve written before about my husband’s bout with SIBO, and it was not fun.

Our search for a solution led us to Sylvie McCracken’s website and her amazing e-book “The SIBO Solution.” I was blown away by her research and consider it hands-down the best SIBO resource out there.

Sylvie’s Struggle and the SIBO Solution

Like my husband, Sylvie found out about SIBO the hard way.

While working as a successful celebrity assistant in Hollywood, Sylvie started dealing with less than glamorous symptoms. She noticed painful, chronic bloating in her abdomen … so much so that she could hardly sit down or button pants without discomfort.

Sylvie did the reasonable thing and went to see her doctor. Rather than testing her, her doctor wanted to treat her with a standard course of powerful antibiotics. Sylvie didn’t know much of anything about SIBO at the time and went ahead with the treatment.

But since she didn’t know enough about SIBO at the time to get proper testing and follow-up, all she ended up with was another flare-up worse than the first.

As Sylvie blogged about her search for answers and researched SIBO more intensely, her SIBO Solution came together. And it’s one that actually works!

In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • What SIBO is … and why it really stinks
  • Symptoms that might mean you have SIBO
  • What to do to get a proper diagnosis (and what Sylvie learned the hard way NOT to do)
  • How design the correct SIBO solution for you
  • The extreme diet needed to correct SIBO, and how to manage it emotionally
  • Pros and cons of traditional vs. herbal antibiotics for treating gut imbalances
  • Ways to cut treatment cost … without compromising your health
  • Crucial steps to make sure SIBO stays out of your life for good
  • Sylvie’s other area of expertise: tips for entrepreneurs who want to build a successful online business

Is the SIBO Solution Right for You?

When should you suspect SIBO might be the source of your health problems? The two big symptoms to look for are:

  • chronic bloating (uncomfortable feeling of pressure or even distention of abdomen)
  • chronic burping

Other symptoms some individuals might experience are gas, constipation, diarrhea, acne, eczema, or depression.

Of course, these sound like the symptoms for a lot of other health problems (candida or leaky gut, for example). The good news is the right testing can make all the difference. I’m so grateful for Sylvie’s expertise as she tells us how to get the correct SIBO diagnosis in this episode!

Resources We Mention:

The SIBO Solution E-Book



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