94: Low Level Red Light Therapy for Cellular Health and Healing

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Low Level Red Light Therapy for Cellular Health and Healing

Low-level red light therapy is a scientifically backed solution for problems like joint pain, slow wound healing, and even aging skin and acne. It helps collagen production in the body and may possibly increase speed of healing.

In fact we’ve even been using it for my husband after a recent hernia surgery, and watching the results I just knew I had to find out more about how this technology works!

I’m so glad to have Justin and Melissa Strahan, the husband-and-wife team who started a great company called Joovv that specializes in red and near infrared light therapy. They know this therapy inside and out and explain the science behind the great results.

Red Light Therapy: What It’s Not

So what is light therapy, and why does it need to be red? Although your local tanning salon may offer red light therapy services, it’s not tanning and it’s not a sauna.

Unlike a sauna that creates beneficial effects with heat, an LED (low-level) red light therapy device targets the body with specific wavelengths of light, actually penetrating the skin with photons and changing cell function.

To date there is no known downside to red light therapy, so it’s definitely worth checking out!

In This Episode You’ll Learn

  • the story behind Joovv from founders Justin and Melissa
  • what makes red light therapy different from tanning beds or infrared saunas … and how the body reacts differently too
  • clinical evidence showing red light therapy speeds muscle recovery, aids wound healing, diminishes signs of aging, and provides a better night of sleep (and the list goes on!)
  • how you can receive the benefits of red light therapy without going to expensive salon appointments
  • the connection between red light therapy and mitochondria, the body’s cellular powerhouse
  • an introduction to ATP in the body and why we can’t be healthy without it
  • the “near infrared window” – what it is and how it works with red light therapy
  • Justin’s prescription for how often and how long to get treatments
  • suggestions for how to choose the right device for you
  • how I’m using red light therapy in my home right now
  • and more!

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Article: Saunas vs Light Therapy

Have you received any form of light therapy before? What was your experience? Would you give red light therapy a try?

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