95: The Science of Sustainable Weight Loss with Bright Line

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The Science of Sustainable Weight Loss with Bright Line Eating

You’re about to meet Susan Peirce Thompson, creator of the Bright Line Boot Camp and author of the book (the book, in my opinion) on sustainable weight loss. Bright Line Eating: The Science of Living Happy, Thin, and Free is all about the complex relationship between the brain and the food we eat.

It’s fascinating, life-changing stuff. I’ve been looking forward to this interview ever since reading Susan’s book and trying the program myself.

Sustainable Weight Loss … Finally Within Reach

Susan is not just someone who has an incredible personal story about weight loss (and addiction, too, which is more related than you might think). She’s an impressively credentialed neuroscientist with a PhD in Brain and Cognitive Sciences, a professorship at the University of Rochester, and a specialty in the psychology of eating, body image, and wellness.

In 2015, Susan helped start the Institute for Sustainable Weight Loss, a nonprofit foundation whose mission is research on achievable and sustainable weight loss.

You all know I’m a geek for science and research so I was willing to give this weight loss book a try. It’s made an amazing difference in my life, and I hope it can in yours as well.

In This Episode You’ll Learn

  • Susan’s incredible personal story on her road from serious drug addiction to health and weight loss advocate
  • the science of addiction (and why some people are more vulnerable to it)
  • how fighting your brain is like swimming upstream, and how to make it work for you instead
  • the healthiest thing you can do for your body … period
  • how modern society has hijacked the human brain and wired it to eat
  • the 2 secrets to being thin (yes, you only need two!)
  • Bright Line’s rate of success as compared to other weight loss systems (it’s staggering)
  • why your cravings might have nothing to do with your willpower … and where they do come from
  • hormesis: what it is and why you should want it to happen to you
  • the real effect of “failure” and how it leads to poor self-perception
  • the concept of automaticity and how to apply it to simplify food decisions (and avoid food pitfalls)
  • all about leptin, the crucial hormone that tells us when we’re full, and what can block it
  • what dopamine down-regulation can do to your diet
  • whether sugar and flour can really be had “in moderation”
  • the little-known reason why vegetables are so good for us (it has nothing to do with vitamins or fiber!)
  • biological reasons why your identity feels so different after significant weight loss
  • Susan’s take on how to set kids up for a healthy diet (and whether they should do Bright Lines)
  • how to handle social pressures and visual cues to eat trigger foods
  • Susan’s surprising countercultural advice about exercise

Resources We Mention


Book: Bright Line Eating: The Science of Living Happy, Thin, and Free

Testimonials, and How to Work with Susan

Are you searching for a way to lose weight and keep it off? What has worked for you? Does Susan’s advice ring true?

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